Our Staff

We understand the emotional hardship of having to leave a beloved pet in the care of another.  Affordable Pet Boarding will make every effort to insure your peace of mind by providing a caring, clean and safe environment for your four-legged friend.  We are dedicated to making the boarding experience an enjoyable one for the animals in our care .

Barbara E. KealohaGeneral Manager

Barb  Kealoha has bred and trained dogs in Hawaii for over 15 years.  She has boarded pets for friends on a limited basis during that time and has an understanding of the behavior problems that might arise when dogs and cats are separated from their ‘families’. She is also very knowledgeable about animal’s health needs and able to give emergency care, if needed.

Barb, as General Manager, will be responsible for the daily operation of the boarding facility.  Ms. Kealoha is a retired U.S. Army Sergeant. This experience gives her the knowledge to supervise employees, manage logistical problems and the dedication to insure all the animals in her care are loved as her own.

Kim Office Administration 

Kim is our Office Administrator and Chief Kitty Cuddlier.   .. 

  When she is not busy maintaining clients’ records and office files she will be giving individual attention to the cats and dogs in our care. 

Sharon #1 Kennel Worker 

We couldn’t run this kennel without Sharon.  She is always trying to make the dogs and kitties in our care as happy and comfortable as they can be.   She makes sure their kennels are clean and that they are eating as much as they should.  And then she plays with them and gives them treats.