Text Box: If you have a family emergency, we are prepared to board your pet on very short notice.  Open 7 days a week and holidays except New Years Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  Arrangements can be made to bring in or pick up your pet before or after Appointment Hours for an additional fee.  Please call: 808-668-2622 for more information.
Text Box: FREE exercise sessions in large play areas. At Affordable Pet Boarding your pet’s happiness and well being is our primary concern.  We will exercise all dogs at lease three times each day for up to 1/2 hour each session.   Sociable dogs will be able to run and play with their friends in the fenced yards that surround the kennel. Dogs will be separated by size and age for their safety. 
We will pick up and deliver your pet anywhere on Oahu for a nominal fee.   All pets will be transported in a crate for their safety.  We ask that for the extra large breeds of dogs, the owner supply the proper size crate or wave the need of a crate during transport.  See our Rates and Services.
Shy or un-socialized dogs usually become socialized because of the way we care for them, introducing them to other dogs gradually until they become part of “the Pack”  We reinforce house training for young puppies and obedience commands your dog has learned.  Formal Training and Behavior Modification are provided upon request for an additional fee. 
Text Box: FREE nail trim.  Puppies six months and younger can receive a free nail trim if needed.  We think it is important for nail trimming to be a positive experience. By starting when they are puppies, dogs will learn that it is a “good” thing.  We will trim nails for any pet (if possible) for an additional fee.  See our Rates and Services.