Our Pledge to You:

business/client relationship, and will not release client information to unauthorized individuals.

4. We will strive to maintain and advance the professional competence of our staff by taking advantage of the educational opportunities available to us.

5. We will endeavor to resolve any disputes which might arise in a fair, amicable and professional manner.



1. We will deal honestly, fairly, and respectfully with the public, and will put the welfare of pets in our care and service to our customers above personal gain.

2. We will honor our commitments to our customers, whether they are made in our advertising, or in person, and will avoid inaccurate or misleading claims about the care which we provide.

3. We will respect the confidential nature of our 


If at any time you feel that we have not lived up to these commitments, we sincerely urge you to bring the matter to our attention, or to the attention of the PCSA Ethics Committee at: PCSA Ethics Committee, 1702 E. Pikes Peak Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80909 Toll Free: 877-570-7788  info@petcareservices.org