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. I decided to begin boarding them about 2 weeks before my deployment so that I could stop in and visit them, help them (and me) with the transition.  As I drove away, they watched me, ran panicking, and crying. I was in tears.  I waited until the next day to stop in for a visit. They were so excited to see me, and me them. They were already comfortable playing in the yard and had favorite toys to bring me.  By my third visit, it was a whole other story.  They jumped and were so excited to see me, for a minute or so. But they had already made their friends and were busy to get back to their playtime.  I still stopped in for the next week, but I could already see the dogs were adjusted and happy.  

A year into the deployment, I was able to go home for a visit. The dogs were so excited, they stood there barking at me (happy barks) and shaking, I am sure they couldn't believe their eyes.  I was very happy to see them, they looked so good and healthy.  Sadie was so much more courageous (ok, she is actually quite bossy now), my old dog was running around and playing with so much more energy and looking more healthy than he had in years, and Chico was still my happy little ham.  While I was sitting with the dogs, Barb and Lynn came into the play yard, and would you believe the dogs left my lap to go sit with them.  I know some people might be hurt by that, but it made me happy to know that they saw them as family, that they did not feel as though they were alone.  This was their other home and they had more moms to take care of them.  I was able to return to Iraq to finish out my 18 months without worry or concern, and was even happy to imagine them living it up in their little corner of paradise. 

I would highly recommend Affordable Pet Boarding to anyone who needed to take a short or very long trip away.  They truly take care of your pets with love and attention.  Your pets will enjoy their play dates away, and you can relax to enjoy yours.


Aloha, Angela

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Angela Testimonial Continued

and what I was going to do. You not only took in Patchy in less than 24 hours notice, but you cared for his medical needs, took him to his vet appointments, gave him specialized love and care.  And on top of all of that, you called to give me updates every day, some times more than once a day.

Adding to all of the love, care, and support that you gave not only to Patchy, but also Chris and I, you have found Patchy a Foster home with Dogs on Deployment, and are arranging for a flight for him to Washington to be near family.  Knowing that there are people out there who can love so unconditionally to complete strangers, is such a beautiful thing.  It touches my heart knowing that there are people in the world that are as kind, loving, and hard working as all of you are.

From the bottom of my heart, a HUGE thank you! And forever grateful,

Margo Hartford