Date (MM/DD/YY) ________________


Owner ______________________________________________  Cat’s  Name  _____________________


Sex: _______  Spay/Neutered: Yes/No   Un-spayed female when do you expect next heat? ______________


Cat’s  Age  ________   Date of Birth (MM/YY)_________________   Markings/Color __________________


Veterinary Clinic  _____________________________________  Phone _____________  Fax  ___________


Vaccinations - Date last FVRCP  _________ (3 Yrs)    Kitten (date last booster) __________


Brand of Flea/Tick Prevention ________________ Given on ______ day of month 


Other Medications _________________________________________________________________


Describe your cats general health.  _____________________________________________________


Any old scars or injuries? ____________________________________________________________


Is this the first time you will be away from your cat for an extended period of time?  Yes/No


If “No” - Has your cat ever been boarded before?  Yes/No


If “No” - Who watched your cat when you were away before? ___________________________




What brand and type food do you feed? __________________________________________________


How much and when do you feed? ______________________________________________________




Overall my cat is ________________________________. (Shy, Very friendly, etc.)


Other ____________________________________________________________________________


My cat loves/likes - Family members only/Everyone/Men more than women/Women more than men/Children.


My cat dislikes/hates ______________________________________________________________


Other ____________________________________________________________________________


At home my cat: - Stays outside only/Stays inside only/Stays inside and allowed to go outside.


Items I am leaving with my cat -  Bedding __________ Toys _______________ Other __________


Any other information A.P.B. should know about your cat. _________________________________




Comments by A.P.B. personnel: _______________________________________________________











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Feline Information Sheet